Date: 26th Apr 2016 @ 2:37pm

Over the past week we have been finding small pieces of broken egg shell in and around the school grounds. 

We have been very egg-cited to learn more about where the shells have come from so we decided to research the answers.

We used books and Google to find some answers to our questions; we found a website that showed lots of photos of local bird eggs and using this we discovered that one of our shells came from a Starling and the other came from a Song Thrush. 

We then went on to research the songs that these birds sing and whereabouts they like to live. We have printed out our research to keep in a book. We can add to this book when we learn more.

We have all taken a bird watching sheet home to help us identify which birds live in our garden. 

At Forest School this week we will be discovering which birds live in the forest and making bird feeders.

Have you seen any birds in your garden? Do you know what they are called? 

Let us know! 

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Mrs Jobbins wrote:

Today I spotted a pair of magpies, a wood pigeon, a starling and lots of sparrows in the hedge outside my back door. We left out some bread after lunch and it had disappeared by tea time- hungry birds!

Reception Class at Bollington Cross CE Primary School wrote:

Mrs Coxhead has found a bird nesting in one of her bird boxes at home, but she doesn't know what type of bird it is. She showed us a photograph of it and we thought we could ask you for help, as you are learning all about birds. It has a little beak, a green back, a long blue tail, a black and white head, little black eyes and white edges on it's wing feathers. If you manage to find out what type of bird it is, please could you also tell us what it might like to eat. We hope you can help!

Reception Class at The Federation of Bollington St John's and Pott Shrigley School. wrote:

Thank you very much for sending us a message. We have been busy trying to work out which bird you have found in your nesting box.
We think we have found the answer!
We think that the bird you have found is a Great Tit. They have green backs, blue tails and black and white heads.
These little birds live in gardens, parks and hedgerows. They like to eat insects, nuts and seeds. They like to visit bird feeders in gardens.
We have discovered some baby birds in our garden nesting box. We also think they are Great Tits. We can hear them chirping and asking for food. The mummy bird has been taking caterpillars and insects to her babies!

We look forward to messaging you again soon!

Class One

Reception Class at Bollington Cross CE Primary School wrote:

Thank you for your message about the Great Tit. Mrs Coxhead knows what to feed it now!

Today, Nathaniel brought an egg shell into school, which he found in his garden.We don't know what kind of bird has hatched out of it. Could you tell us please? Nathaniel thinks it might be a pigeon but we are not sure. The shell is about 2cms wide and it is white.

We are going to send a photograph of it to your teacher and we look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Thank you!
Reception Class

Reception Class at the Federation of Bollington St John's and Pott Shrigley School wrote:

Thank you for the question that you sent us. We think that we have got the answer!
We have looked on the British Bird Lovers website and it shows lots of eggs that garden birds lay.
We have looked through all of the pictures and we think that it is a wood pigeon; so Nathaniel was right! Well done!

If you have any more questions, just let us know!

Thank you!

Clas One


Bollington St John's CE Primary School