Bee Keeper Visit

Lesson: EYFS

Class: Class 1 Year: 2017 - 2018

We welcomed a local bee keeper and 15,000 of his bees in to school last week. We read a book about the roles of a bee throughout her lifetime and then we looked closely to see if we could spot any of these important jobs happening within the hive. We saw the queen bee laying eggs, we saw nurse bees cleaning the honeycomb cells and feeding the young. We also spotted the worker bees cooling down and cleaning the queen bee, she is the most important bee so she is well looked after! 

Paul let us try some of his local honey and put on the bee keeping suits. We also looked at a polystyrene hive and the tools that Paul uses to extract the honey. 

All of the children were able to make a beeswax candle using thin slices of beeswax and a string wick. 

A big thank you to Paul (Happy Valley Honey) for providing us all with this amazing experience that I'm sure everyone will remember forever.


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