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Dear parents and carers - 16th September 2020

As you may be aware two local schools have confirmed coronavirus cases, meaning between them they have had to send home five bubbles/year groups of children.

We are working tirelessly to try and prevent this happening at St John’s. However, in order to mitigate risks as much as we can, we need your assistance. We need to maintain social distancing wherever possible, adhere to our heightened cleaning protocols and keep the children in their class bubbles.

Therefore, please can you to adhere to the following procedures:

  • Only one parent should enter the site to drop off or collect a child, and please leave the school site quickly.
  • Please stay 2m apart from other adults who may be waiting with you. Please keep 2m apart the entire time you are on the school site.
  • Please do not enter Mrs Jobbins’ outside area unless you have a child in Reception. Please try not to bring siblings into this area, especially if they attend another school setting or are part of a different school bubble.
  • If at any point you are unable to maintain a 2m distance from others we would kindly request you wear a mask.

This is an ever changing landscape, and we are learning as we go along. As we appear to have a bottle neck outside the Reception class each morning we are moving the Reception stagger times. From Monday 21st September Reception children will attend school from 9am-3pm.

As a reminder, please do not send your child into school if they have any of the following symptoms:

  • A new continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours and/or
  • A high temperature – this means feeling hot to the touch on the chest or back (if a temperature cannot be taken) and/or
  • A loss, or change, to their sense of smell or taste – this means they have noticed they cannot small or taste anything, or things smell or taste different to normal

Most people with coronavirus have at least one of these symptoms. You should only get a test if you have one or more of these symptoms. To book a test call the NHS on 119 or go online to

There are new appointments being added to the Government site throughout the day, so if you cannot book a test as none are available, please keep checking and refreshing the page.

As always we trust you know that our main priority is the safety and wellbeing of our entire school community.

Warm wishes,

Mrs Walker.


Suspected Covid- 19 Cases - 11th September 2020

We are following the Cheshire East guidelines with regards to managing suspected or confirmed covid-19 cases. In a nutshell, please keep your child away from school if they have covid-19 symptoms. (The most important symptoms are the recent onset of any of the following: a new continuous cough; a high temperature and/or a loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell.)

Please contact us and we can organise work to be sent home. The government covid-19 website has details of how to get tested as well as requirements for household self-isolation. Should a child become ill in school, we will make contact with parents and ask for your child to be collected along with any other siblings. You can access the government guidelines on self- isolation at: guidance. In the event of a confirmed covid-19 case, the Headteacher is placed in contact with the local health protection team and local authority, who will then advise the next steps i.e. identification of close contacts that will then be required to self-isolate and test. Please see attached information from Public Health England.


Coronavirus Update - September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are so delighted that all of our children will be returning to school tomorrow morning and we are very much looking forward to meeting our new reception class. The teachers have been working very hard in your absence, putting up new classroom displays and making preparations for an exciting new term.

Our top priority this week is the wellbeing of the children and making sure that everyone transitions back into school, or into their new classrooms, and is settled and happy.

Thereafter, our focus will be on assessing and identifying any gaps in learning and working towards rectifying them, while still maintaining a broad and balanced curriculum.

The government have relaxed guidance to allow peripatetic coaches and outside tutors to return to school. We are looking forward to welcoming back:

Mrs Dooley (piano)

Front Row Music (guitar and ukulele)

Love Music Trust (cello and violin, Class 4)

Marcella, our Forest Schools practitioner (Reception and Year 5)

Krissi Hofton, our Spanish tutor (Class 3 and Class 4)

Ministry 4 Sport (who will be responsible for delivering PE this year to Classes 2 to 4)

While we couldn’t be happier to see our school community flourish once more, we must not forget that Covid-19 has not yet gone away. As a community we must remain vigilant to ensure that our school is safe and we must abide by our revised Risk Assessment.

Therefore, school will continue to operate as it did before the summer break. Here is a reminder of procedures that you need to be aware of for tomorrow:

  • Pupils will stay in their bubbles at all times, but these bubbles can now accommodate the full class. There will still be no mixing of children between bubbles, although there is no longer the requirement for children to socially distance from each other within their bubbles.
  • Staff must continue to socially distance from the children (where possible) and from other adults. However, government guidance states that staff are now permitted to move between groups. We will limit this as much as possible but are aware that there may be occasions where crossovers do occur, such as during lunchtime supervision.
  • School attendance is compulsory for every child.
  • School uniform should be worn.
  • We will still be limiting the number of visitors who come into school.  Parents should not enter the school building unless by prior arrangement. Please make any initial contact via telephone call or email.
  • The school office will not accept cash payments. Wherever possible, payments should be via payments.
  • Children are asked to bring only the essentials into school every day. They will need their own pencil cases (to be left in school) as we will still be limiting the exchange of items between youngsters. However, school bags are now allowed.
  • Break times and lunch times will continue to be staggered, but the children will be served a hot school dinner every day unless they are having packed lunches.
  • Extensive measures will continue to be taken around the school to promote hygiene. As an additional measure, we would ask if all children could please bring in their own bottle of hand sanitiser. This will be for their own personal use only and should be clearly named.
  • After school clubs will recommence in September, but children will remain in their class bubbles. Pick up will be from the yard and not school reception. More details will follow shortly.
  • Our one way system will still be in operation, and we politely remind parents to socially distance while waiting in the playground. Please ensure that any children who walk to and from school unaccompanied are also aware that they must enter the yard on arrival and maintain a social distance from anyone who is not in their class bubble.
  • Large gatherings such as open evening and whole school assemblies, educational trips or swimming will not take place during the first term.
  • Lunch boxes are now permitted to be used, but will be stored in the pupil’s bag in the classroom, rather than in the kitchen.
  • We will be sending books home, but will quarantine any that are returned, for 48 hours before sending home with the next child.
  • Starting from next week, Class 2, 3 and 4 will need to come to school in their PE kits on the day on which they have PE:

Class 2 – Monday

Class 3 – Tuesday

Class 4 – Thursday

Class 1 – details to follow

  • Unless the landscape changes, October’s parents’ evenings will be replaced by written progress reports. 
  • Our usual Harvest Festival Assembly will not take place. Instead you will be able to view a video version. Details of how to access this will be sent to you nearer the time.
  • Provisional dates have been set for our usual Christmas activities. However, please be warned that there is a high possibility that we will be forced to cancel them at a later date. If this is the case, we will upload video recordings.

We would also like to remind you of our staggered start and finish times for each class which are as follows:

Class 4: 8.45am – 2.45pm

Class 3: 9am – 3pm

Class 2: 9.15am – 3.15pm

Class 1: 9.30am – 3.30pm (outside their classroom)

If you have children in more than one class, with different start and finish times, please drop off at the earliest time and pick up at the latest time.

Please ensure that social distancing from other parents and children is maintained at all times in the school yard and also while making the journey to school and home again.

We are sorry to bombard you with so much information. Please take time to digest it all and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact school admin on

With kind regards,

Mrs. M. Walker



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